The most successful destinations for 2009

Our colleagues from Lonely planet They have compiled a list with the 10 most emerging for him 2009. We can find everything from the most exotic and busy to the coldest and most relaxed. The list is as follows:

1- Binalong and Bay of Fires, in Tasmania.

It is a remote island that has not yet been exploited for tourism. However, next year it could experience a significant boom in visits.

2- Basque Country, in Spain.

It doesn't surprise us at all. As we have already said in this blog on some other occasion, it has beautiful cities such as San Sebastián or Bilbao. It is worth going, because whoever goes, repeats.

3- Chiloé Island, in Chile.

It has a lot of fog but a special charm thanks to some very originally decorated houses. A multitude of boats leave from there to the southern fjords.

4- Kao Tao, in Thailand.

It is a small island that is usually visited in small groups of friends with a backpack in tow. Little by little it will be better known on the international scene.

5- Languedoc, in France.

With spectacular natural beauty, it is one of the most precious places in the Mediterranean basin. It has charming villages and the food is great, very different from what you can try in the center of the Gallic country.

6- Nam Ha, in Laos.

It is probably one of the most attractive tourist destinations for anyone looking to mix with nature. Tranquility is the word that best defines a stay in this place.

7- Hawaii or Big Island, in the United States.

Known to many for the hype he has always had, next year could be more fashionable than ever. Its beaches are the main tourist attraction of the island.

8- San Andrés Island, in Colombia.

Another spectacular setting to enjoy with the beaches and nature. In addition, the people of the island are charming and you will surely want to stay there for life.

9- Svalbard Islands, in Norway.

Located in the north of Scandinavia, they are only 1,000 kilometers from the North Pole. You will have to wrap up well to withstand the -15ºC temperature and be very careful with the beautiful polar bears that move around freely.

10- Yunnan, in China.

Chinese province with a long history. There is the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. Ideal for hiking.

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