Dubai Hotels

Dubai it is synonymous with luxury and money. The state continues to grow thanks to the economic power granted by the black gold that is extracted from the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai we can find the most expensive and exclusive hotels in the world.

The Raffles Hotel is based on its architecture, the Egyptian pyramids. It should be noted the decorative elements of the interior of the hotel that play with three different cultural traditions: the traditional one from the Middle East, the one from ancient Egypt and the Asian one. It has 248 suites with their own balcony.

The hotel Burj Al Arab It is one of the most exclusive and select hotels in the world, it has become the icon of the desert city thanks to its curious design in the shape of a sailing ship. It has 202 luxury double suites.

The hotel Jumeirah Beach Hotel it is shaped like a wave taking strength to break on the desert sand. Its decoration responds to the four elements of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. It has 598 rooms and suites.

Best Dubai hotels 2020: YOUR Top 10 hotels in Dubai, UAE (May 2021)

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