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When we prepare a trip we have so many things to think about (the tickets, what hotel we are going to stay in, what we are going to carry in the suitcase, what places we are going to visit, where we are going to eat ...), that sometimes we forget questions that are equal or more important. For example, it is essential that before starting a trip you know the main customs of fate, especially if you do not want to live uncomfortable moments. In addition, you already know that one of the best things about traveling is that it teaches us that in the world there are a lot of cultures and different ways of doing things. The ideal is to approach any destination with curiosity but also with respect.

Even if France It is a European country and is very close to us, it has its own customs, which you should know both if you are going to visit this place or if you plan to go live there for a season, whether for love, study or work. Today in Hard Hobbit To Break we want to tell you about some of the main customs of France. Would you like to join us?

The greeting

France has many customs, some of which are very old. One of the things you should know if you plan to travel to this country is the way they greet you. Thus, you should know that it is common to greet each other with a firm handshake, although you will not have to go over. Friends and family kiss each other on the cheek, although only if it is greetings between women or between men and women. In addition, you should know that in informal situations, it is also common to greet each other with three kisses. In any case, you must accompany the greeting with the person's name or using the "Madame" (Lady), "Mademoiselle" (Miss) or "Monsieur" (Lord), or the professional title if it is someone unknown.



It is also important to note that some French people do not answer if they are not spoken to in French. Of course, if they see that the people who address them at least try, they are more friendly, since they value that the visitors try to speak their language.


Before traveling to any destination, it is important that you inform yourself about how the topic of tips works. What you have to know about France is that tips are not only left in bars, cafes and restaurants, but also to hotel receptionists, taxi drivers, movie theater ushers ... Of course, tips are generally included in the bill (represents between 10% and 15% of what is consumed).


Meal schedule

If you are going to travel to France, you better find out what the meal times are. Thus, you should know that the French usually have breakfast around 7 in the morning, have lunch at noon and have dinner around 7 or 8 in the afternoon. Also, it is important to keep in mind that they do not usually take anything between meals and that they do not take appetizers before lunch or dinner so as not to spoil the flavor of the main dishes.

Leisure time

What do the French do during their leisure time? Well, one of the favorite activities of our neighbors is visiting the cafes, especially during the weekends. In addition, you should know that the inhabitants of this country have a very social and night life intense, even going out several times a week, either to the theater, to see musical shows, to the movies, to dinner ... Of course, they also go out to drink and dance.


Be careful being late

We Spaniards are usually quite late, but in France, being late for a social gathering or a party is considered very rude. In fact, they do not accept delays of more than 20 minutes. And if you are going to visit a house, do not forget to bring some detail: flowers, cakes, a bottle of wine, a toy for the boy of the house ...

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