8 plans with children in Barcelona

One of the many good things it has Barcelona It is that it offers fun for everyone: lovers of tranquility, passionate about strong emotions, the elderly, children ... Therefore, if you have children, Barcelona can be the ideal destination for your next getaway. And it is that the Catalan capital is open, cosmopolitan, it has a fascinating history, it has the sea, the mountains, a lot of museums, monuments of great value…. In short, it is an incredible city to enjoy with the family.

If you live in Barcelona or surroundings or plan to spend a few days there, we recommend that you do not miss anything we tell you below, especially if you have children, since today we are going to tell you 8 plans ideal to do with the smallest of the house in this wonderful city. Of course, we are open to suggestions, so do not hesitate to recommend other leisure alternatives for children. Would you like to join us?


We want to start by talking about CosmoCaixa, a museum that shows that culture is not boring. In this place, children will be able to meet dinosaurs, do experiments like a true scientist, discover geology, take a trip back in time and space through the stars and planets in the sky ... The Bosc Inundat (Flooded Forest) deserves a special mention. , a thousand-square-meter greenhouse that recreates an Amazon ecosystem, hosting animals and vegetables typical of the area.

Barcelona Zoo

Are your children animal lovers? Well, then you must take them to the Barcelona Zoo in the Parc de la Ciutadella, which houses more than seven thousand copies. If after visiting the zoo you still want more, you can take a tour of the Parc de la Ciutadella, which has green areas, a length with boats, a waterfall and the sculpture of a mammoth.


For lovers of marine animals, nothing like the Aquàrium, located in Port Vell, where children can discover the wildlife submarine of the Mediterranean. It is the largest oceanarium in Europe, hosting permanent exhibitions with more than 35 aquariums and an underwater tunnel of more than 80 meters that allows walking among sharks.


As it could not be otherwise, we also have to talk about Tibidabo, a mountain that houses an amusement park full of surprises. We are talking about the oldest amusement park in Spain and one of the first to be built in the world. Of course, its attractions have been renewed and expanded over time.

Catalonia in Miniature

Another place in Barcelona that children usually like is Catalunya en Miniatura, a circuit of models at the scale of Catalonia. In addition, the kids can climb trees in the forest and hang on a zip line. It is only half an hour from the city.

The swallows

Another plan that we want to recommend is to go up to the Golondrinas, some boats that walk through the coast from Barcelona. These boats offer two excursions from Port Vell, one of 40 minutes and the other of 1 hour and a half.

Xocolata Museum

Barcelona is full of museums, but beyond the CosmoCaixa, the one that children most like is the Museu de la Xocolata, which is located in the Sant Agustí convent, a building of great relevance historical. You should know that the museum offers visitors a wide range of activities and workshops.

Barcelona Bosc Urbà

Finally, we want to talk about Barcelona Bosc Urbà, a park of adventure Located in the Forum that houses zip lines, nets, lianas, bridges, logs ... In total, it offers more than 50 attractions on different circuits designed for both children and adults.

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