Why is Copenhagen the happiest city in the world?

They say that Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world but why? It has one of the highest living standards, but that well-being does not translate into great displays of luxury, but rather speaks of the sensations that are breathed when visiting this place.

It is what the Danes call hygge, and it is that art that leads people to know enjoy the little pleasures of life. A simple lifestyle that we will discover if we decide to get lost in its corners.

Places to live the hygge

We can experience this feeling hygge in many places in Copenhagen. We can do it in the Tivoli amusement park, which is the oldest in the world, for example. Sometimes just strolling through its streets, observing the colors of their houses or people walking calmly, without haste. In its parks, savoring every gift that flowers and trees offer us, tasting a delicious coffee on a terrace or taking a bike ride. Everyday scenes like these that offer us the photographs of the Copenhagen Tourist Office. Do you want to lose yourself in these corners or not?


Must see views in Copenhagen

Copenhagen treasures places that you must visit yes or yes when you arrive in this city. Below I list some of the main ones.

- The statue of The Little Mermaid.
- The Tivoli Gardens.
- The Deer Park.
- Streets like Kongens Nytorv, Vaernedamsvej, and Nyhavn Harbor Street, lined with colorful houses.
- La Glace, the oldest bakery in Denmark.
- Christianshavn, a bohemian neighborhood where we left the European Union for a moment.
- The Grabrodretorv square, a place where you can experience hygiene with all five senses.
- Library Bar, with wooden shelves full of old books, sofas…. A corner where you can get lost for a long time.

4K København - The Happiest City In The World (March 2021)

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