The Historical Villages of Portugal

You may never have considered traveling to Portugal, but the truth is that the neighboring country has many things to offer the traveler: history, exquisite cuisine, spectacular beaches, cities full of art and monuments, tremendously beautiful natural spaces ... Of course, we cannot forget its beautiful villages, some of which are part of Historical Villages, a brand that includes a dozen localities in the interior of Portugal, characterized by having been relevant enclaves in the 12th century, when the border between Spain and Portugal was defined. Therefore, they are all located near Castilla y León and Extremadura.

Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We want to tell you about the twelve historic villages that are part of this brand. These are towns in which the historical buildings have been recovered to achieve a quality tourist attraction. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that activities related to historical animation take place throughout the year.


Almeida is a villa located in the Guarda district that has considerable historical and heritage wealth. The urban center is circumscribed by its strength military, which has a basted outline and, seen from the air, looks like a 12-pointed star.


In the Cova da Beira region we find Belmonte, a town that offers wide views of the eastern slope of the Sierra de Estrella. It houses the only community bean survivor of Sephardic Jews who were expelled in the Middle Ages by the Catholic Monarchs.

Castelo Mendo

Another town on this list is Castelo Mendo, which is located in the Almeida district. Of predominantly characteristics medieval, is formed by the walled nuclei of Cidadela and Barbaçã.

Castelo Novo

In the heart of the Sierra de Garduña is Castel Novo, a historic town shrouded in an aura of mysticism. The stately houses and the remains of the castle stand out.

Castelo Rodrigo

For its part, Castelo Rodrigo is a monumental space that houses important references medieval, like old walls, the ruins of the palace of Cristóbal de Moura, the medieval cistern or different churches.


How could it be otherwise, Indanha-A-Velha, which preserves a remarkable set of ruins, is also present in the list. In fact, the villa houses vestiges from different eras, reflecting the permanence of different civilizations.

Linhares da Beira

Linhares da Beira is a 21st century medieval town that surprises with its architectural and artistic diversity. The castle is, without a doubt, the symbol of the locality.


Just a few minutes from the city of Mêda is Marialva, a town that transports the visitor to the deepest roots of the country.


Of course, Monsanto is also on this list. It is a town perched on a Hill It has a special charm, among other things because it seems that huge stones have fallen on the houses.


De Piódão, a Portuguese parish from the Arganil district, is amazed by its architecture, which reflects our ability to adapt to the most unusual. And it is that the houses are distributed around the terraces.


Without a doubt, Sortelha is one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, in addition to being one of the most ancient. It preserves its urban and architectural appearance, highlighting the defensive ring and the 13th century castle.


Finally, we must speak of Trancoso, which in times past was the scene of decisive struggles and battles. The ramparts They continue to protect this place where Christians and Jews have lived in harmony.

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