The most beautiful towns in Lithuania

You may never have considered traveling to Lithuania (few people do), but the truth is that it can be an ideal destination both for a long vacation and for a short getaway. And it is that the country offers its wonderful Baltic coast, highlighting the strip of sand of the Curonian Spit; lush forests along lakes; solitary marshes; vestiges of the Soviet era that impact; charming cities, and some of the most surprising corners, such as the Hill of Crosses.

Leaving aside important and attractive cities such as Vilnius, Palanga, Kaunas and Klaipeda, today in Hard Hobbit To Break We want to take a tour of Lithuanian towns and small cities that stand out for their beauty. Would you like to join us? We assure you that you will not regret it!


First of all, we want to talk about Nida, a town in the Commonwealth of Neringa that is located in the spectacular Curonian Spit. It is a very summery place surrounded by an enviable natural environment. Here you can find a beautiful silver lagoon, lush pine forests, beautiful wooden houses, handmade weather vanes and a spectacular dune.


We also want to tell you about Druskininkai, which is located very close to the border with Poland and Belarus. It is one of the most important seaside towns in the country. In fact, at the beginning of the 19th century it was declared as the official health center by the czar of Russia, so it was filled with stately homes, mansions and municipal buildings.


A place that could not be missing from the list is Rumšiškės, a town located between fir forests and wetlands that surprises with its rustic wooden cabins with roofs covered with earth, grass and thatch; its rough stone squares and its museum ethnographic outdoors covering much of the town.


About 112 kilometers north of Vilnius, the country's capital, we find Anykščiai, a town adorned by green banks along the Šventoji River. Of course, if we should highlight something about this place is its imposing Basilica of San Mateo, a masterpiece of neo-Gothic construction. On the other hand, we want to highlight its half-timbered houses and the exposed brick houses surrounded by red firs and wild pines.


Of course, we also want to talk about Šventoji, a traditional fishing village located on the Baltic Sea coast that has become a major holiday destination. Many are attracted to its sea agitated, while others come to this place to discover its archaeological sites, excavations over 3,000 years old that dot the dunes and fields of the town. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the homonymous river runs through the city until it empties into the sea.


Another place in Lithuania that houses important historical remains is Kernavé. In fact, the Archaeological Site of Kernavé constitutes an exceptional testimony of the human settlements in the region throughout 10,000 years. Here you can find fortifications, non-fortified settlements, funerary centers and other archaeological monuments that go from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. In addition, in the city center you can also find remains of the post-war period.


Finally, we want to talk about Molétai, a town in the northeast of Lithuania that is considered one of the most ancient of the country, in addition to being a popular tourist destination for the inhabitants of Vilnius. Its astronomical observatory stands out, since it is the only installation of this type in Lithuania.

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