Bratislava, a hidden destination that you cannot miss

Lately, it is more common to find routes and circuits by Slovakia to visit its main tourist spots such as the city of Bratislava. However, it is still a destination that does not attract many people because it is somewhat unknown. And it is common for it to be included in the visit package of Prague, Vienna and Budapest, although it is well worth spending time with this country and, above all, its capital, which has a great beauty. And what can you see in Bratislava? The truth is that there are many points of interest.

A hidden beauty

Bratislava is a capital of great beauty. For many it is an unknown gem on the banks of the Danube river, since they tend to visit other more famous European capitals near this city before or simply to spend a day in it within the tourist circuits, although a minimum of three days is necessary.

Bratislava belongs to Slovakia, a country that is part of the European Union, which facilitates your visit for Spaniards and other Europeans. Defining this city is not easy because, although it maintains its yesteryear, It has been modernized Much and improved infrastructure to attract more tourists.


Among what can be seen in Bratislava, are its monuments. You should not miss a good walk through its urban area and the old town, which is one of its main attractions.

In addition to this generalized tour, the San Miguel gate, which is the access to that old town, apart from being the only preserved entrance to the old fortification from the Middle Ages, specifically, from the 14th century. It is recommended to visit its tower in which there is a museum but, above all, for the views that can be seen from it and the banks of the Danube.

Next, you should not miss the arc entrance to the old city, which is a very charming environment, since there are usually many street musicians. In this area, there is also what is considered the kilometer zero from Slovakia, which is marked with an engraving on the ground. It is very curious to see how the kilometers of distance between the main capitals of the world are indicated.

And, if you visit at night, you will see that there is a green laser which starts from the tower and marks the main route inside the walled enclosure From the capital. It is also worth seeing.

The tour of Bratislava must also take us to one of its main axes. It is known as Vertúska Michalska, which begins once the Puerta de San Miguel has been crossed and from which you access streets with tourist business, but they also allow you to see what its old town was like before.

You cannot leave Bratislava without seeing other monuments like the St. Martin's Cathedralwhich is style Gothic. Of it, the roof stands out, which is greenish in color and is decorated with golden motifs in tribute to the old coronations.

The tourist visit also takes us to old town hall, although in reality it is a set of buildings of various styles in which the pieces of ceramics from colors.

Famous are the bronze statues life-size Bratislava that are in the center of the city, as well as galleries Y passageways that go through old buildings, connect streets or give access to secluded corners that have great charm.

The castle from the 10th century is another must-see in Bratislava, drawing attention for its white color with red roofs, as well as the UFO Bridge o Bridge of the Slovak National Insurrection, which is over the Danube river and is significant for its engineering by using a pylon to fasten the tension cables that support the steel platform.

The Grassalkovich Palace, from the 18th century, is another must-see, like the banks of the Danube river where you can take a river walk to see all the bridges.

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