The impressive Canyon de Mides in Tunisia

Canon of Mides Tunez
Although a few weeks ago one of the most important tourist spots in Tunisia suffered an attack, in Hard Hobbit To Break we do not want to stop talking about this exotic country of Mediterranean contrasts. And it is that here you can find a mild climate and environment, spectacular landscapes, immense horizons and important archaeological remains, among many other attractions.

One of the visits that we recommend if you have the opportunity to travel to Tunisia is at Mides Oasis, also called Mides Canyon. Located in the west of the country, specifically next to Ain El Karma, a border town with Algeria, this natural landscape will leave you speechless. Do you want to know more details? Well, you just have to join us!

The three oases in the area

The Mides Canyon is not only one of the many oases that can be found in Tunisia, but it is a natural place of great beauty. Actually, in this strip that separates Algeria from Tunisia you can find two other oasis apart from Mides: Chebika and Tamerza. These are three towns that were built by the Romans with the aim of defending themselves against the Berber tribes that inhabited the Sahara desert. However, after the heavy rains that took place in 1969, most of the area was devastated and abandoned. That is why, today, high up in the hills, you can see small empty houses that give it a ghostly touch. Of course, those who continue to live in the area remain faithful to their traditions. Thus, they continue to build their houses on the mountains. Furthermore, they continue to supply mainly oranges, figs and dates.

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The Canyon of Mides

Of all these oases, the one of Mides stands out, since it is located in a truly spectacular location: located in a deep canyon of orange and yellow tones formed by the erosion of the waters that flow in the rainy season. Such is its beauty that it has been the setting for different films, such as "The English Patient" or "Indiana Jones in Search of the Lost Ark." It is important to keep in mind that the town of Mides, which is located today in the middle of a palm grove, appears on the maps with the current name of Ain El Karma.

A free visit

Best of all, visiting the canyon is free, as long as you don't want to hire a tour with an official guide. In general they offer tours of about 50 minutes or two hours, the latter reaching Tamerza through the canyon. The main gorge is about 3 kilometers long. To get there you just have to go down the trails that you will find at the top of the hill. Of course, do not forget to contemplate before the views from the viewpoint. If you walk through the canyon you will see that at one end it narrows. It is here where you can find greenish water pools, where some live amphibians bright colors. In addition, throughout the canyon you will find fossils and minerals several million years old.

Canon de Mides Tunez2


If you have the opportunity to visit the Mides Canyon and its surroundings (we recommend an excursion that covers the three main mountain oases in Tunisia), we recommend that you take sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap and a scarf to protect yourself from the sand. Of course, it is essential that you bring supplies of water. In fact, it is important to keep in mind that this place does not sell food or water. Thus, to eat something you must go to the nearby towns. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of the Mides Canyon, Chebika and Tamerza. Do not miss it!

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