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Caribbean Cruise
Although it is from November when the best time to cruise on the CaribbeanThe truth is that most of us can only do this type of travel during our summer vacation. For this reason, we are going to take advantage of the fact that we are in the middle of July to talk to you about this type of travel modality that allows you to get to know both urban landscapes and dream paradises through Caribbean waters.

The Caribbean cruises, which cover countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic, allow you to contemplate, among other things, impressive beaches with clear sand and crystal clear and warm waters. Of course, keep in mind that most of the cruises that make these trips are luxury, offering all possible comforts: outdoor and indoor pools, gym, spas, game rooms, nightclubs ... Of course, before deciding on you cruise You must take into account a number of aspects.

The main routes

If you have already decided to make a cruise through Caribbean waters you will have to decide the most important thing: itinerary. In general, we can speak of two routes, the east and the west, although both offer practically the same possibilities. As for the first, they usually depart from Florida and Mexico and usually visit ports such as the Bahamas, St. John, Miami, Havana, Nassau, San Pedro de Puerto Rico, Ocho Ríos, Grand Cayman, Catalina Island, Cozumel and Puerto Lemon. These cruises are ideal for those travelers who prefer to spend less days of sailing and more days on beaches and making excursions through the cities.

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Regarding the routes through the WestThey also depart from Florida and Mexico, and usually visit St. Thomas, St. Marteen, Martinique, Barbados or Curaçao.

Types of ships

After choosing the itinerary you will have to decide the type of boat. In general terms, we can speak of 3 types of ships: small ones, which accommodate about 200 people; the medium ones, which cover about 500 passengers; and the large ones, which can accommodate around 3,000 people. Regardless of what type of ship and itinerary you choose, it is best to book well in advance. advance (about 2 or 3 months before), since there is usually a lot of demand.

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Types of cabins

On the other hand, you must choose between the different types of cabins that exist on Caribbean cruises. Logically, prices will vary depending on the type of room. We can talk about two great groups: the exteriors with sea views, or the interiors. As you may have imagined, the first ones have the highest rates and the ones that finish first. Also, keep in mind that some ships' cabins also differ in size or location.

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Transportation to the starting place

Another aspect that you will have to think about when making a Caribbean cruise is on the way to the first port of call. And it is that although some cruises provide this transport, the vast majority do not. In the case of Caribbean cruises, the ideal is to reach the first destination by plane. In addition, you must be sure that you have transportation from the airport to the pier.

Hurricane season

Lastly, we want you to keep in mind that cruising during hurricane season can be tremendously dangerous, especially in areas with buildings unable to withstand strong winds. This season begins in June and ends in November, although some months are more active than others: August and September are the worst. On the other hand, you must make sure if, in the event of a hurricane, they return your money or not, or if they divert you to an alternative destination.

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