Nicknames for 50 cities you may not have known

That of cities what's in the world! I think it would take months to pronounce the names of all of them. Some are better known than others, and some even have their own nicknames given their own merits.

Those nicknames are usually quite positive, something that you can see first-hand in the following list of 50 major cities. Shall we start?

1- Paris: The City of Light or The City of Love

2- New York: The Big Apple

3- Barcelona: Barcelona

4- Rome: The Eternal City

5- Milan: The City of Fashion

6- Las Vegas: The City of Sin, The City of Play or the City of Lights

7- Beijing: The Forbidden City

8- Chicago: The Windy City

9- Los Angeles: The Great Orange

The Angels
10- Miami: The Magic City

11- Prague: The City of 1,000 Domes

12- Budapest: The Pearl of the Danube

13- Amsterdam: The Venice of the North

14- Munich: The Beer City

15- Rio de Janeiro: The Wonderful City

16- Shanghai: The Pearl of the Orient

17- Lisbon: The White City

18- San Sebastian: La Bella Easo

Saint Sebastian
19- Houston: The City of Space

20- Hong Kong: The Pearl of the East

21- Turin: The Chocolate City

22- Seattle: The Emerald City

23- Honolulu: The Great Pineapple

24- Dallas: The Big D

25- Detroit: The Motor City

26- Reno: The largest small city in the world

27- Harbin: Ice City

28- Baltimore: The Enchanting City

29- Newark: The Brick City

30- Valencia: The Capital of Turia

31- Athens: The Cradle of Civilization

32- Singapore: The Lion City

33- Bucharest: Little Paris

34- Cairo: The Mother of the World

35- Buenos Aires: The Paris of South America

36- Pittsburgh: The City of Steel

37- Oslo: The City of Tigers

38- Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

39- Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic

40- Tel Aviv: The city that never stops

41- Tehran: The city of the 72 nations

42- Grenoble: The Capital of the Alps

43- Lima: The City of Kings

44- Venice: The Serenissima

45- Mexico DF: The City of Palaces

46- La Paz: La Hoyada

47- Cartagena de Indias: The Heroic

48- Caracas: The Cradle of Bolívar

49- Montevideo: American Switzerland

50- Bogotá: South American Athens

Know any more that we can add to the list?

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