The spectacular Whitehaven Beach in Australia

Yesterday I wrote an article about one of the most spectacular beaches in Australia, that of the Twelve Apostles, and today I would like to continue in that country to write about another of its beaches. As it could not be otherwise in Australia, today's beach is also a true paradise. It's about the Whitehaven Beach, a very unique beach that is on the Queensland coast, specifically in the Whitsunday Islands.

It is surrounded by islands and a huge tropical forest, infinity of white sand that mixes with an impressive turquoise sea and that seems to have no end. This beach is almost 6 kilometers long, all of it with very fine sand and a practically pristine white color that is said to come from a system of currents from the south and which runs through the entire queensland coast.

If you are going to be nearby you should definitely visit this beach since once there you can do a lot of things. In addition to lying in the sun and doing nothing, if you want incredible experiences you can do some hiking, dive among turtles and fish of a thousand varieties or even make a camping in the special area for it, although you will have to get the permits in advance.

As not everything in this life can be perfect, this spectacular place has a downside, and that is that in that area there are many jellyfish, so you have to be very careful when bathing. It is very important that you carry a neoprene suit even for a normal bath since you could run into one or more jellyfish. Apart from that, the beach is very calm and the area is totally unspoilt so it is of great beauty since there is no construction there.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland – Australiens schönster Strand (October 2021)

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