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When you hear about BahrainThe first thing one can think of is the political situation in the region. However, despite recent problems, the Middle East is recovering. Bahrain is a surprise for all those who want to know it, with seas and Beaches soft sand that invite to be crossed from top to bottom.

The archipelago from more than 30 islands it has a great variety of refuges to spend unforgettable days. There are not too many five-star hotels on the main island, but one of the most important is the Bahrain Mövenpick. It is only five minutes from the airport and has stunning views. In its facilities it has an incredible pool perfect for sunbathing for hours.

The Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain offers a mix of Arabic tradition and a touch of Swiss hospitality to enjoy for work or simply for pleasure. Tourists can stay in any of the elegant suites and Deluxe, Superior and Standard rooms that make up the facilities. Inside of the complex you can find a great selection of restaurants and bars. The new Bahrain Financial Harbor Manama is rapidly increasing in size and the superb buildings will surprise more than one.

Upon arrival in Bahrain, visitors can change money at the airport, or at different banks. Moreover, all the important cities, as well as the capital, Manama, they have bank branches with currency exchange services. It is easy to find ATMs in the area. Credit cards are accepted in many of the large shopping centers, but if you want to make purchases in the souks, remember that they only accept payment in cash.

travel in the streets of Manama in Bahrain (March 2023)

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