Tips for purchasing good travel insurance

Travel it is something pleasant, something necessary to be happy. That is why we should not worry when we are traveling, although unfortunately sometimes a series of unforeseen events arise that prevent us from enjoying our leisure days as we had imagined.

Fortunately, that level of concern that we can always have disappears when we hire a travel insurance, although obviously not all are the same and you can get the odd surprise. That is why I have prepared this article, so that you are clear about what a good insurance must cover, which cannot miss the basic coverage of travel insurance.

Trip cancellation

Travel insurance that allows cancel or cancel the trip is the most recommended, since you never know what can happen within a few days of enjoying it. The cancellation and cancellation clauses allow you to recover the money paid as long as one of the conditions provided in the contract is met, something that must be looked at with a magnifying glass, since all kinds of situations are not usually considered.



You can have many coverages, but if you must contact someone from the insurance that does not understand your language you will have a problem. Although it may seem silly, it is something of vital importance, since sometimes we are talking about very serious problems that one wants to solve as soon as possible. The fact that the language is different, incredible as it may seem, can be a huge obstacle. Of course, normally you will have the ballot solved if you know English, since you will hardly come across an insurance company that cannot assist you in that language.

For all ages

Travel insurance for all audiences is not abundant. Why? Well, because there are insurance companies that don't want to risk insuring very old people that they are committed to a journey full of adventure, to give an example. That or that the requested prices are through the roof.


Adapted to the trip you are going to do

Since not all trips are created equal, not all travel insurance should be created equal. Those who are associated with a cruise, for example, are sure of Long duration They have nothing to do with those hired when scheduling weekend getaways. In the same way, insurance will not be the same if you travel in Europe as if you travel in Africa, since in the African continent you have more possibilities of contracting a series of very dangerous diseases that hardly occur in the old continent.

Let it cover all who travel

If you are traveling as a family, make sure everyone is insured. In addition, it is good that the same insurance covers an entire group, since if not, the repatriation expenses will not be covered for everyone. In other words, only the repatriation costs of the affected, but not of the people who traveled with him.


That offers many coverages

Do not get carried away by the price because it is not the most important thing. Compare different travel insurances and make a decision accordingly. You have to look at the amount of hedges it offers, but also the usefulness of them. There is no use hiring insurance with twice the coverage if all cover scenarios that are highly unlikely.

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