Places to visit in Moscow

Moscow It is considered by many to be the most interesting and historical city in Russia. Visitors to the city can take tours to find architectural masterpieces, historical monuments and some of the most beautiful churches in the world. The Red Square With their political references or the part of the Armory they are essential to spend an unforgettable vacation.

The most recognizable place in Moscow is without a doubt the Kremlin. Quickly the Kremlin it became a place of political and economic importance in Russia. Over the centuries, the different ruling parties and czars have added their own architectural touch to construction making it a true work of art. A place that you cannot miss is the Lenin's grave. Lenin was placed in a glass coffin after his death, and this strange tourist attraction receives thousands of visits a year.

Bordering Lenin's tomb is another of Moscow's iconic sights; the Red Square. It is located right in the center and has a rich political and victory history for the Russian people. Lobnoye Mesto, is a circular stone platform in Red Square. This platform is the place where speeches, sermons were made, and occasionally the tsars addressed the citizens. Lobnoye Mesto is rumored to have been the site of the execution of some criminals.

Some cathedrals Moscow are considered the most beautiful and richest in the world. The Assumption CathedralBuilt in the 14th century, it is one of the most famous in Moscow. The original church, destroyed by an earthquake in the 15th century, was commissioned by Ivan III.

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