Trip to Santa Fe

With its clear and beautiful sunsets, its sunny weather, and its pleasant people, Santa Fe It is one of the most welcoming places that you must visit these holidays. It is located on a plateau located at the base of the mountains known as Blood of Christ. The city is surrounded by the remains of more than 2,000 years old, from the old Spanish empires and Mexicans.

The peaceful city has a central square, dating from the turn of the century XVII, which has witnessed different events through the years: bullring, public floggings, shootings, battles, political demonstrations, long walks and shopping in public markets. Santa Fe is legendary for its elegant art Galeries, its excellent restaurants and shops.

Santa Fe's artistic roots go back to the intricate designs of the American natives that have turned the city into a great holder of an immense cultural heritage. The rugged landscape, the ineffable quality of light, and its own community which is still made up of countless musicians, writers and visual artists have helped the artistic recognition of the city.

If you decide to travel there you will surely end up acquiring some painting with those inimitable orange, pink and turquoise colors that will remind you so much of the Mexican landscape. While the regional identity remains firm, at the end of the 90 A great international artistic movement was born that lasts until today. The great tourist season takes place during the months of July and August, but if you decide to go there in September You can participate in the parties that take place during that month. Hotel rates are generally higher during the summer season. Be sure to book in advance.

17 Things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico: A Travel Guide (November 2020)

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