Tetiaroa island

Tetiaroa It is a small island located in the French Polynesia. It is formed by an atoll of 13 islets They occupy a total area of ​​6 square kilometers. There is no navigable passage to the ocean between the lagoon and it houses an important bird colony. It is 42 km north of Tahiti.

In 1965 the late American actor Marlon Brando acquired the island during 99 years. He did it after shooting the film Rebellion on board, falling completely in love with an idyllic landscape. Before, it was owned by the dentist Johnston W. Williams, who received it from the Pomare royal family in recognition of their medical services.

After Brando's death in 2004, the island now belongs to his son, Teihotu Brando. Of course, 2 hectares are owned by Michael Jackson, thanks to the fact that Marlon Brando gave them to them as a sign of friendship.

Now on the island there are hotel plans in sight. It is intended to create a luxury resort made from ecological materials and aimed at an audience with a very full portfolio. Thus defined Marlon Brando to the little piece of land that he could buy for a fortune:

The happiest moments of my life have been in Tahiti. If I ever came close to finding a genuine place in the world, it was on my own island among the Tahitians.

Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando's private island (June 2021)

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