Berlin-Tempelhof airport disappears

The Tempelhof airport, in the center of Berlin, has closed its doors permanently. The low profitability It has been the key factor that has made this mythical airport disappear.

The track was opened in 1923 officially. However, since 1909 some aviation tests began to be carried out by such important figures in the world of aviation as Armand Zipfel and Orville Wright.

Before the WWII, Tempelhof Airport hosted a total of 92 flights a day, forty of them of international route. After that macabre war, Germany was divided into four parts and U.S took control of the airport. They used it to provide food for the thousands and thousands of Germans who had been left on the street, with nothing.

In 1993 Tempelhof became a commercial airport. Of course, the few technological advances and the arrival of new larger aircraft, caused the number of flights to be reduced considerably. Although in 2004 It should have already closed, the Berliners managed to prolong their life until 30th of October 2008, date of his final disappearance.

Why Berlin's 15 Year-Old Airport has Never Had a Flight (January 2021)

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