Australia: the smallest continent in the world

Australia It is the most beautiful country on the oceanic continent. Although much of the island is desert or semi-arid, there is a part with great diversity of habitats in which it is possible to find species of plants and animals of all kinds.

For many Australia it is one of the best countries in the world to travel, something that is not surprising if we consider that tourists find all the facilities to get to know the area in depth. Of course, being the sixth largest country in the world, there are enormous distances between each city, so it is difficult to plan a route to visit it far and wide in a few days.

A video that will trigger your desire to travel to the antipodes

Below you can see a video with the best of Australia, which as you will see is full of magic corners. There is time to enjoy nature, but there is also time to wander around and enjoy the local culture.

Don't forget to visit Sydney Y Melbourne, which without a doubt are the most important cities in the country. See full map of Australia.

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What is the smallest continent in the world? (September 2023)

  • Canberra, Sydney
  • 1,230