The happiest country in the world

If you were asked directly what do you think is the happiest place in the world What would you answer People are supposed to be happier in warm, tropical places, where they are surrounded every day by the beauty of the blue sea. But we are somewhat wrong and the real answer may surprise you. The happiest country on earth is actually Denmark.

This is the result of a curious poll made by Gallup Why are the Danes so happy? Although the Gallup poll didn't specifically address people's reasons for satisfaction, there are a couple of unique things about Denmark that could help explain its high happiness scores. On the one hand, Denmark has a relatively high GDP (gross domestic product). In 2009, GDP was $ 68,000, about $ 20,000 higher than the GDP per capita in the United States.

Furthermore, at the time of the survey, Denmark had a unemployment of just 2%. Great economic and financial security could contribute to reducing stress levels, which could, in turn, make the population happier. There are, of course, cultural factors involved in general happiness.

The cultures pessimistic They might answer "no" to questions asked about happiness in general, but the results can be misleading. The researchers They have found that the Danes actually have a rather "cloudy" outlook and generally low expectations of future hopes. Kaare Christensen suggests that people could report higher levels of happiness in Denmark because reality tends to overshadow their low expectations.

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