Words you should learn if you are going to travel to Italy

Yes, the most international language is English and with it you can go anywhere in the world. However, the best thing you can do when you go to visit a country is to learn some essential words of the official language, such as Italian when you travel to Italy.

In this article you will find a small list of those that I consider to be essential to move freely in the country of pasta and pizza.

The most important words

- Hello: Ciao (Chao)
- Goodbye: Arrivederci (Arrivederchi)
- Good morning: Buon giorno (Buon yorno)
- Good afternoon: Buon pomeriggio (Buon pomeriyio)
- Good evening: Buona notte (Buona note)
- Until tomorrow: A domani (A domani)
- How are you ?: Come stai? (How are you?)
- Enchanted: Placere (piatchere)
- Please: Per favo (Per favo)
- Thanks: Grazie (Gratsie)
- You're welcome: Prego (Prego)
- Excuse me sir / madam / miss: Mi scusi signor / Signora / Signorina


The words you use to communicate

- Can you help me please ?: Potete per favo aiutarmi? (Can you please help me?)
- Do you speak Spanish ?: Parli spagnolo? (Spanish parli?)
- I don't speak Italian: Non parlo italiano (non parlo italiano)
- I don't understand: Non capisco
- Could you speak more slowly ?: Parli più slowly, per favo (parli piu slowly, per favo)

The words you will use in a restaurant

- I would like ...: Vorrei ... (Vorrei ...)
- Meat: Meat (Meat)
- Fruit and vegetables: Frutta e verdura (Frutta e verdura)
- Beer: Birra (Birra)
- White wine: White wine (White wine)
- Red wine: Rosso wine (Rosso wine)
- Salt: Sale (Sale)
- Pepper: Pepe (Pepe)
- Fish: Pesce (Pesche)
- Bread: Pane (Pane)
- The account, please: Il conto, per favo (Il conto, per favo)

Italian food

Words that can come out in a conversation

- How are you ?: Come stai? (How are you?)
- Okay, thanks: Bene, grazie (Bene, gratsie)
- What's your name ?: Come ti chiami? (Eat you kiami?)
- My name is ...: Mi chiamo (My kiamo)
- Where do you come from ?: Da dove vieni? (Da dove vieni?)
- I come from ...: I come da ... (I come da ...)


- Where is the airport / hotel / beach located ?: Dove si trova l’aeroporto / l’albergo / la spiaggia?
- Left, right: Sinistra, destra
- Continue straight: Continue dritto
- Could you help me find this place ... ?: Potete aiutarmi a trovare que posto?
- Where is a hospital ?: Dove si trova an ospedale?
- Where can I find ... ?: Dove posso trovare ...?
- Where can I find a shopping center ?: Dove posso trovare un centro commerciale?
- What time is it ?: A che ora è (A que ora e)

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