Two one kilometer-long towers will be built in China

Wuhan TowersA few months ago we told you about what was to become the tallest building in the world, reaching a length of about one kilometer: the Kingdom Tower, in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). However, this impressive tower has come out a competitor in China.

And it is that in the Asian country a project carried out by British architects has been launched Chetwoods Aiming to construct a one-kilometer-high building in Wuhan, a city located on the Yangtze River. Do you want to know more details about Phoenix Towers calls? Well, be very attentive!

170 meters more than the current tallest building in the world

In fact, they are two twin towers, the one of Feng and the one of Huang, which aim to surpass what today is still the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa from Dubai. In fact, the towers would be 170 meters more than the famous skyscraper.

Wuhan Towers1

A vertical garden, a giant kaleidoscope and two world balls

According to the architects of the project, the buildings will occupy an area of ​​47 hectares and will have a vertical garden in one of the towers and the tallest kaleidoscope in the planet. In addition, the building will house two giant world balls connected by flyovers between the two towers, where restaurants and shops will be housed.

Sustainable buildings

Of course, the best thing is that in order to support the environment (we remember that China is one of the most polluted countries in the world), buildings will be chosen smart, such as light photovoltaic coating, thermal chimneys, wind turbines, collectors and recycling. The construction of these towers has a budget of 1.2 million pounds, although the development is awaiting final approval. If the go-ahead is finally given, construction will begin next year.

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