Basic tips for safe travel

Travel it's one of the best things we can do. Living unforgettable experiences is something that goes far beyond the happiness we can experience when receiving material gifts such as sneakers or a laptop. However, we must ensure that travel is safe, especially if we travel to a country that is not well prepared on a medical level.

In this article I am going to share a series of tips that I consider basic, so take note and make sure they are followed before packing your bag to see the world.

The importance of vaccines

Obviously, this advice is not one that applies to all trips. You will only have to be vaccinated if you travel to countries like Thailand or India, where there is diseases that can be avoided with a simple prick. Check which vaccines are mandatory and which are recommended before embarking on a trip. It will cost you little money and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Travel insurance so you don't have to worry about a thing

It is true that we always look for the cheapest to go on vacation or to prepare a getaway. However, with the passage of time you realize how important they are according to what things, such as taking out travel insurance for what may happen. This is especially essential when traveling to a distant country where there are not the same facilities to be attended to in the event of an accident or illness. And as, is required when traveling with children.

Carrying all the money with you is crazy

Yes, it is true that withdrawing money from ATMs is not always the cheapest, but it is not a good idea to carry all the money with you for what may happen. You can lose it or it can be stolen, so be careful with carrying a lot of cash and try to distribute it among the people who accompany you on the trip. It's as dangerous to carry everything with you as it is to leave it at the hotel. If you're going to hide it, make it in a really original place. That of opening a pepper and putting it inside is already well seen ...

Make a copy of your ID and your passport

It is no nonsense to make a copy of your ID and passport to be able to use them in case of loss. It is best to have it in the cloud, because you know that it will always be available and stored safely. It is true that it does not have legal effects to go with a printed passport for life, but at least you can stand at the consulate with a photograph of you that will not lead to doubt.

Find out about your destination

The fact that there is a GPS and that we can consult all kinds of information on the Internet does not mean that we should go to the sites without worrying about anything. Must know the area before you book a hotel room, as the cheap accommodation you've seen probably isn't in a good neighborhood. Sometimes it pays to pay more to be calm and not be afraid to return to the hotel at night.

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