Tips for taking good travel photos

What do you think cannot be missing from your suitcase when you leave travel? Everyone can say a lot of things, but I think that many of us will agree that it is important to carry a camera to immortalize those moments that do not always remain etched in our memory.

Best of all, nowadays it is not strictly necessary to have a camera in use, since there are mobile phones capable of taking very good photos. Of course, if you want to go to another level, consider the possibility of buying a moderately good camera, since the obtained result has nothing to do.

Here I am going to give you some tips for taking good travel photos, so take note if you want to have a photobook to be very proud of.

Light makes the difference

What is a professional photographer always looking for? Natural light. It is true that they are capable of taking quality photos in all kinds of conditions, but like the rest of us mortals we do not have that expertise, we have no choice but to entrust ourselves to the light to take good photographs. Key moments? Sunrise and sunset. The typical photos of a landscape or the city skyline are wonderful with the fall or sunrise as a backdrop.


The framing

I think by now you should know that you have to pay attention in the frame. Photographing an entire cathedral is not the same as cutting the highest parts of a dome. It is the difference between seedy and decent. If from there you want to go one step further, what you will have to put into practice is the two-thirds rule, which consists of dividing the frame into three thirds with the same width and height. From there, everything we want to highlight should go in one of the four points of the intersection of the lines (lines that are certainly marked on many cameras when you are going to shoot).

Pictures of landscapes vs portraits

It is not the same to photograph the beauty of a forest than to photograph your partner. Chances are the forest will ask you to put the camera in a horizontal position, while your partner will ask you to put it in a vertical position. Obviously, this is not something that we should always apply, since it depends on what we want to capture.


You see beyond the most tourist places

Yes, you are not going to New York and you are going to stay without seeing the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty. However, I recommend that when you visit a city you try to take photos in less crowded places, since they are the ones that will allow you to take photographs without having to wait for people to move away or without having to resort to Photoshop to «remove »To those who seem to be of the family without being. The secret? Stroll around and ask people there, which is the one that can recommend points of interest that are not advertised by hype.

Always straight lines

We have talked about framing, but we have not mentioned how important it is that the lines always look straight. Unless you do it on purpose because you have decided to unleash your artistic streak, you would rather the horizon look horizontal and the trees look vertical, not crooked. It is very evident, but we do not always look at these details and then regret it.


Take lots of photos, but don't go overboard ...

For various reasons it is not good to be constantly shooting. Firstly, because it is about enjoying the trip seeing things with your own eyes, not through a lens. There will also be people who demand your attention, and if you are immersed in a photo shoot you will hardly be able to listen to them. Moreover, sometimes we appreciate details worthy of a good photograph When we stop to think and observe, a difficult thing if we go with the mentality of taking thousands of photos taking advantage of the fact that we have a digital camera in our hands.

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