Dog Island in the Caribbean

Among the many islands that can be found in the Caribbean, the Dog Island it is one of the most spectacular. In the Kuna language it is called Achudub, and it has beautiful beaches that are perfect for enjoying a dream vacation. It must be said that it is an island that you can only go during the day since it does not have hotels or any other form of accommodation, but it is still one of the most visited Caribbean islands.

Isla Perro is especially chosen by lovers of diving or snorkeling since in its depths there are many interesting things to discover, including a old sunken ship carrying smuggled merchandise and ran aground on a sandbank near the island. It is a ship that has been more than 60 years at the bottom of the sea and which hundreds of tourists come down to see when they are on the island.

Cayos Limones

This small island belongs to the Cayos Limones, an area that has several virgin islands. In addition to Dog Island, there are also Devil's Island, Fragata Island, Pelican Island, Hierva Island or Wichudub Island. All of them are perfect for Diving, also finding a very interesting marine life formed by lobsters, sea urchins, turtles, multicolored fish, snappers, horse mackerel or barracuda, among others.

What to do

In addition to taking a relaxing bath and enjoying its beaches, in Isla Perro and any of the other islands of Cayos Limones you can do various activities. Among them are swimming, artisanal fishing, canoe fishing, bird watching, typical dance and even visit a museum or taste the exquisite local cuisine. A small island and without accommodation but you can get a lot out of it. You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience.

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