Rabat, a World Heritage city

The capital of Morocco It is one of the most interesting destinations that the African continent offers us. So much so, that last June 2012, UNESCO included it in the list of places World Heritage. For this reason, a visit to Rabat is essential for great travelers to discover the thousand treasures that the Moroccan city hides.

Rabat, located in the Atlantic Coast, in the northwestern part of Morocco, was under the French protectorate from 1912 to 1930. It has plenty of interesting places, and getting to know them will be the perfect goal for planning a getaway.

Modern capital and historical city

Within this consideration granted by Unesco, they are included from the new city built at the time of the French protectorate, even the most ancient of the city dating back to the twelfth century. All of those places are worth a visit. The medina, the ramparts of the city and the Almohad gates, the archaeological site of Chellah, in addition to the Kasbah des Oudaia, the mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Hasan Tower.

The new city It is very interesting, since it was raised with a very rational vision, with buildings of great beauty and architectural modernity. It has large green areas and well-designed public buildings. On the other hand, the historic city, full of historical monuments, it also has a great value that must be preserved. East Balance Between tradition and modernity it is one of the great incentives to visit Rabat.

Rabat, welcoming city

In addition, the city has opened to tourism and visitors, which is also one more point in their favor. An example of this is that a new terminal was opened in the airport from Rabat-Salé (it is about 7 kilometers from the city) just a year ago, which received flights from the main European cities.

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