Advantages and disadvantages of group travel

Better alone or accompanied? That's what some ask themselves every time they plan their summer vacation. The truth is that the answer depends on each one, although it is true that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be analyzed. It is enough to put them on a scale to make a decision that you will not regret.

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Advantages of group travel

You save money: Not surprisingly, traveling in a group has advantages that are manifested significantly in the money to be spent for almost everything. For example, reserving a hotel room for one person is not the same as reserving a house for 12 people.

You feel safer: Even if you have taken out good travel insurance to cover your back in the face of any unforeseen event, traveling in company allows you to go more easily to places because you know that there will always be someone prepared to take you to the hospital or ask for help in the event of an accident. .

You share unforgettable experiences: Traveling alone allows you to get to know yourself better. That is true and I will not deny it. However, traveling with other people you can share everything you see for the first time, something that is synonymous with fun unless you do not get along well with who you travel.

Everything is planned faster: Unless you travel with people whose tastes are completely different from yours and who are not willing to give their arm to twist, planning a group trip ends much faster than when you have to do it individually, since the Information is more easily collected.

Selfies are not your only pose: Those who travel can only do two things when it comes to immortalizing moments. Either leave the camera to someone or take a ‘selfie’. That is something that does not happen when you travel in a group, since there is always someone who can take a photo of you, either alone or with other travelers.


Disadvantages of group travel

Little intimacy: Your most intimate moments are not guaranteed. The fact of traveling with more people and sharing accommodation means that you can not enjoy your day to day with a level of intimacy like the one you experience at home, especially if you travel with people with whom you do not have the same confidence that you would have with a relative you see almost every day.

Different tastes and interests: When you travel in a group you must be flexible so as not to go crazy. It must be more than anything because it does not always rain to everyone's liking, so one day the plan you want will be made, but the next day you will have to adapt to someone else's preferred plan. That is something that those who consider that the holidays are the only time of the year in which they can do what they really want, do not do very well.

Slowness: It seems not, but this is a problem that can drive more than one traveler crazy. Why? Well, there are some who get up at 8 in the morning wanting to see everything possible to make the most of the day, but there are also those who get up late and do not take too much effort to go out on the street because before they have than do a thousand things.

Disparate budgets: Another problem that can arise when traveling in a group has to do with money. It is true that you save on issues as important as accommodation, but not least is that the trip can be expensive if you go with people with a purchasing power much higher than yours. While it may be enough for you to go to a bar to have a snack before starting again, for others it may be an essential requirement to go to a luxury restaurant to taste the local cuisine.

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The Advantages of Group Travel (December 2022)

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