10 stadiums that every soccer lover should visit

To see the world, to know other cultures, to get out of the comfort zone, to know yourself, for work, to study ... There are many reasons to travel, and in that long list we also find one that has to do with the king sport: the football.

Visit the main football stadiums of the world is undoubtedly highly recommended, since they are impressive buildings that accommodate tens of thousands of people. The most beautiful ones, the ones you shouldn't miss, are the ones I mention below.

1- Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid, Spain)

Santiago Bernabeu
It is the home of Real Madrid, the most successful soccer club in Europe. It has capacity for more than 80,000 viewers and very soon it will be modernized. Its museum is full of trophies.

2- Camp Nou (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

The Barça stadium, which will also be renovated to remain one of the most incredible on the planet, has a capacity that borders on 100,000 spectators. Taking the tour they organize in their museum is a very good plan.

3- Anfield (Liverpool, England)

Liverpool is not just talking about the Beatles. There is also a football atmosphere there, especially in a stadium as mythical as Anfield, where one gets the hair on end when listening to the "You’ll Never Walk Alone». It has the capacity to 54,000 viewers.

4- Wembley (London, England)

The finals of the English competitions and national team matches are played at Wembley, another mythical stadium that has taken the name of the one that was built in the same place in 1923. It has the capacity to 90,000 people.

5- San Siro (Milan, Italy)

He is known as San Siro among Milan fans, but those at Inter Milan prefer to call him Giuseppe Meazza. Be that as it may, it is a beautiful stadium with capacity for 80,000 viewers who has witnessed some of the best games in the history of the European Cup.

6- Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany)

Bayern Munich, the most powerful team in Germany, have played their home games at this stadium since 2005. It has a capacity of 75,000 people and can be said to be one of the most modern in Europe.

7- Maracana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Every football fan knows that Maracanã is a unique stadium. Its formal name is Estadio Jornalista Mário Filho and it can boast of having hosted two World Cups (1950 and 2014). It has capacity for some 78,000 viewers, although it originally accommodated 200,000 people.

8- La Bombonera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Bombonera
In Argentina there is a footballing atmosphere difficult to compare with that of any other place in the world. Especially if one goes through La Bombonera, which is the stadium where Boca Juniors plays its home games. It has capacity for something less than 50,000 viewers, but the roar of the stands makes you think that there is twice as much.

9- Azteca Stadium (Mexico City, Mexico)

Aztec stadium
It is one of the largest soccer stadiums in the world, as it offers up to 87,000 seats. In fact, it is the third in America and the eleventh in the world. It is the headquarters of Club América, Cruz Azul and the Mexican team.

10- Soccer City (Johannesburg, South Africa)

It is the most modern and spectacular stadium in Africa. It was built on the occasion of the World Cup in South Africa and there was the final that we Spaniards remember so much, the one that crowned Spain as world champion in extra time after a goal by Andrés Iniesta that we will never forget. It has the capacity to 94,700 spectators.

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