Christmas in Innsbruck

Austria It is one of the European countries with the most tourism in winter, thanks especially to the many places where you can ski. Tirol is one of them, and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it every winter. Innsbruck It is the city that receives the most visitors and where you can find many attractions, as well as countless ski resorts.

In this city, Christmas holidays They are very special thanks to their traditions and the fact that snow invades any corner, both in the mountains and in buildings. A very special way to enjoy one of the best views of the Alps while celebrating very special dates. Today I would like to recommend you Innsbruck at Christmas, without a doubt a great option if you want to receive the new year in another country, enjoying in addition to everything that this city can offer you on such an important date.

Christmas markets

As in any other city around this time, in Innsbruck you can also find a few Christmas markets with all kinds of products and objects typical of these dates. In total there are 4 that are spread throughout the city: the Marktplatz, Wilterner Platz, the old town and Hungerburg, which is on top and in addition to enjoying the market you will have a spectacular panoramic. In all of them you will find Christmas decorations of all kinds but also various local products.

Christmas figures

In the Märchengasse street You will be able to see the best-known figures from fairy tales, in the Riesengasse you will be able to see nativity scenes or enjoy a Christmas performance, and in almost all the other main streets there are many special concerts and performances.

A little history

María Teresa street and the Golden Roof They are two of the most historic places in the city, the first being the most photogenic. El Tejadillo is a balcony that is in the former royal residence of the Emperor Maximilian and that has more than 3,000 golden tiles. Ambras Palace is on the outskirts of the city and reflects much of the history of Innsbruck, being one of the most charming areas, especially during these festivities.

New Years Eve

If you want to enjoy a special New Year's Eve, Innsbruck's will surprise you. There it is celebrated in style in the old town, with performances and shows for both adults and children. There will be no lack of fireworks, gastronomic tastings or dances.

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