Luxury in Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro It has become a luxury vacation destination after its appearance as such in the movie James Bond 2006, "Casino Royale". It is usually known as the Monte Carlo of the Adriatic. The small Balkan country has become the favorite destination for Russian and Serbian middle-class tourists, an essential destination for the richest people in the world.

Located in the southern corner of the Adriatic sea, the destination has a panoramic view of the turquoise waters, rocky mountain peaks, luxury Venetian-style houses facing the sea, a nautical port vibrant with top brand name stores and restaurants, and a stunning superyacht area. Before, only Soviet and Yugoslav warships could be found in the port. Now, with its great reform in the French Riviera style, luxury abounds on all sides.

Locals like to brag about the areas where scenes from the James Bond movie were filmed. Much of the appeal of Montenegro It comes from its brilliant mix of colors: turquoise waters, green pine forests, burning mountains that mix with blue skies and White sand beaches of pebbles. Its natural beauty is best seen from a plane landing at the airport in the Tivat coastal area, just a 10-minute drive from Porto Montenegro.

Once on the ground, a different reality arises. The visitors They can be intimidated by narrow, bumpy roads and jammed traffic. Somehow, Porto Montenegro has been restored to become the exclusive area that makes her forget everything around her.

Porto Montenegro - Luxury Yacht Marina & Residences (May 2021)

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