Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico

There is no doubt that the Caribbean It is one of the best vacation destinations for people from anywhere in the world, not only for its spectacular landscapes but also because you have good weather guaranteed throughout the year. One of the most exotic destinations you can find there, and look how many there are, it is Culebra Island, which is in the northwest part of the coast of Puerto Rico.

On this island, which has many beaches, the Flamenco Beach, the most exotic of all and famous for being one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Among the reasons for having such an honor are its incredible mountain landscapes surrounding the coast, its very long Coral reef or the crystal clear and calm waters it has. Thanks to the tranquility of its waters it is perfect for bathing in it and practicing more relaxed water activities such as snorkeling, diving or taking a ride on a boat.

One of the most curious things you can find in Playa Flamenco is that there are the remains of two tanks of the United States Army, which remain on the coast as a memory of a past in which this beach was used as a paramilitary base. That makes it much more attractive, especially for historians and tourists who like to see this kind of thing. You can visit them without any problem and at any information point they will tell you the whole story about them.

On the beach and its surroundings you can also find several restaurants where you can taste the best of the gastronomy of Puerto Rico, with seafood playing a special role as they fish it there and it is always fresh and delicious. Among the most typical dishes are potato fillings, suckling pig sandwiches with cheese and tomato or rice with pigeon peas and coconut.


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