Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante 2012

Summer always opens with one of the most traditional festivities in our country: San Juan, which takes place on the night of June 23-24 and fires all Spanish beaches with bonfires. One of the most famous places to celebrate their Bonfires of San Juan is AlicanteProbably where they live the most throughout the country and the city that receives the most people from abroad since they spend all week at parties.

The festivities of San Juan in Alicante They started this week and they save the strongest for this weekend that begins today and that will be the big days. Since Tuesday there have already been several celebrations, such as the plant of the Ninots de Carrer, the Becerrada of the Municipal Bullfighting School, the famous "Bullfight" or the great festival that was held on Thursday night.

For today, Friday, June 22, there will be a parade from the Town Hall to the Elche Portal, with its subsequent award ceremony. Tomorrow Saturday comes one of the big days of the festivities with the Novillada de Picadores from 6:00 p.m. For Sunday there are the spectacular fireworks that will be at night but far from the end of the festivities.

All next week there will also be activities and celebrations, such as the four sessions of the fireworks contest which will take place from Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday, June 30, there will be a correfocs show, the “Nit del Foc”, which will start after midnight. The last day of the festivities will be on Sunday, July 1, when the Multicolored Coso will be held from 8:00 p.m. (on Avenida Alfonso el Sabio). Many holidays to experience one of the most beautiful festivities in our country.

Alicante, Bonfires of Saint John (Hogueras de San Juan) 24th June 2018 (October 2020)

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