Gastronomy of Guatemala

Yesterday I wrote a post about Mexican gastronomy and today I would like to write about that of another country: Guatemala, without a doubt another very interesting country in many ways and especially in culinary. The Guatemalan cuisine It is characterized by having very nutritious, tasty dishes with influences from other cuisines but most especially from Spanish.

Among the basic ingredients of this gastronomy are Beans, chicken, corn, red meat, turkey, avocados, cheese, chili peppers, coriander, parsley and similar spices. The most typical Guatemalan dishes are made and seasoned with all of them and here are a few:

Jocón: It is a broth of chicken meat that is made with potatoes and whiskey (although it may seem like it, it is not the alcoholic drink but a local vegetable called that).

Pepián: It is made with meat, various vegetables and various spices.

Bananas with mole: One of the most delicious dishes and that is made with Guatemalan cocoa, bananas, sesame and cinnamon.

Gallo In Chicha: The rooster meat is slowly cooked until it softens a little, then seasoned with a sauce made of raisins, plums, cinnamon, panela and pineapple liqueur.

Pork rolling: Various parts of the pork and head are cooked in a non-spicy chili sauce. It is always accompanied by rice.

Desserts: There are many and all of them delicious. Among the most popular are quesadillas, buñuelos, wafers, peaches in syrup, cassava pancakes or coconut sandwiches. There are also typical sweets in various regions such as stuffed figs, cocadas, caramel oranges, or milk canillitas.

In addition, in any corner of the country you can find different typical dishes and peculiarities of each region, just as it happens in Spain with each Autonomous Community. A real pleasure for the palate.

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