Milan and Liverpool, two perfect cities for a cheap getaway

Looking for a cheap destination to disconnect? Surely it will not cost you to find it, since luckily there are several options that allow us to fly at a really affordable price. It is the case of Milan and Liverpool, two cities that we recommend visiting even if only to spend a weekend.

The only thing you will have to decide is which of the two you will go first. Italy and the United Kingdom have nothing to do with each other, but in any case it is worth traveling to both cities to see the world and have a good experience.


By less than 100 euros two people can travel to Milan depending on the time of year. Best of all, that price does not correspond to the price of some plane tickets to travel during the week, but is a valid price to leave on a Friday afternoon and arrive on a Sunday night.

In Milan you will not get bored because it is a city with a lot of life. Maybe what surprises you the most is Il Duomo, a spectacular cathedral that is a must visit. You can also stop by the La Scala Theater, the Sforzesco Castle or the Víctor Manuel II Gallery. In fact, if you like soccer you should not miss the opportunity to visit San Siro, one of the largest stadiums in the world.


You can also travel to Liverpool by about 100 euros on the weekend perfectly. It is enough to buy the airline tickets early enough to be able to catch an attractive price.

In this city in the North West of England you can visit Cavern Club, the legendary Beatles venue where they started to become famous. You can also head over to the Beatles museum and soak up the story of one of the best bands we've ever met. On the other hand, and returning to the soccer theme, you should visit Anfield, and if it can be on a game day, since the atmosphere in that stadium is unique.

Get informed before traveling

As we always tell you in Hard Hobbit To Break, there is nothing like getting the most information before traveling, so we recommend doing it before packing your bag to enjoy Milan and Liverpool. For this you can find opinions of Travelgenio and other travel agencies in specialized forums to find the best flight. You will surely learn things and you will benefit from advice that is always appreciated, such as the one that reminds you that in the United Kingdom plugs are not like in Spain, so you have to buy an adapter.

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