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In cold weather it is best to start thinking about summer vacations to escape to heavenly places and dream about what is to come to be able to carry the heaviness of these winter months much better. One of the best vacation destinations is the Caribbean, and today I would like to tell you about one of the many places that you can visit there, specifically Aruba, a paradise island that is in the northwest of Venezuela.

In your capital, Oranjestad, You can find a lot of nightlife and amazing landscapes, especially in the coastal area, where you can see not only magnificent walks to skirt it but also enjoy the islands on the horizon. One of the main attractions of Aruba is its climate, and it is that practically every day of the year there are good temperatures to be able to enjoy the sun and the beach.

In Aruba you can also enjoy activities such as fishing, diving and many more water sports that will make you enjoy a very complete vacation between relaxation and adventure. On this wonderful island you have many beaches with crystalline waters and white sand, in addition to a great hotel offer and delicious, varied and very original gastronomy.

In the center of its capital you can find several shopping malls, shops and several pedestrian areas to be able to walk peacefully and enjoy the scenery it offers, an ideal place if you are looking for a quiet holiday. Here you can also find the Wilhelmina Park, a wonderful natural enclosure with tropical plants, statues and various monuments.

Finally, in Oranjestad you can also find several museums that have works of art of great cultural importance, such as the Numismatic Museum, the Historical Museum, the Rococó Plaza Antiquities Museum and the Archaeological Museum. An excellent option to combine beaches with cultural tourism and always with a pleasant climate.

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