The best beaches in Valencia

Winter is beginning, it's colder than ever and many of us are already thinking about next summer's holidays, perhaps to be able to carry better these first months of the year when everything gets heavier. If you like to enjoy a few days of beach vacation and also do historical and cultural tourism, the proposal that I bring you today will enchant you since you can combine both.

I mean Valencia, one of the great destinations of the Mediterranean and that has spectacular beaches, in addition to being a city where you can get to know very interesting places, especially on a cultural level. Today I would like to tell you about its beaches and which are the best you can find. Take note:

Malvarrosa beach: Without a doubt the most famous in the city and one of the best known in the entire Levantine area. It is an urban beach of almost 3 kilometers in length and with white sand and moderate waves. In the summer months it is always full of people so if you like tranquility it is best to visit another.

Pinedo Beach: It is very close to the port and measures 800 meters. Here you can go nude and enjoy white sand and very calm waters.

L’Arbe del Gos Beach: It is close to the dunes of the Albufera Natural Reserve and its waters are very calm, and you can also enjoy a beautiful landscape. Note that it has an ideal bike path to take a walk between bathroom and bathroom or to move from one place to another with greater comfort.

Devesa Beach: It is within the Albufera, about 12 kilometers south of Valencia and it is wonderful not only because of the surroundings but because it is not usually as crowded as those in the city. There are almost 5 kilometers of beach.

Saler beach: It is the largest Valencian beach, being just over 6 kilometers long. It is of fine sand and is also within the limits of the Albufera, south of Pinedo beach and north of Devesa beach.


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