Museum of blondes in Russia

We all know that famous phrase "men prefer blondes", which also gave the title to a film by Marilyn Monroe and that many people take themselves very seriously, in fact, they take it so seriously in some parts of the world that there are places that you can only enter if you are a woman and a blonde, of course.

There's also places dedicated to blondes, and even in Russia a museum has been made (us). A museum that recently opened in Sochi and that it also has a monument, an initiative that was carried out by the government in order to attract more members for its party. Incredible but true. On its opening day, hundreds of blondes from all over the country attended, in what has probably been the largest concentration of blondes in the world.

In Sochi the 2014 Winter Olympics and she wants to take advantage of this appointment so that her Museum of Blondes is known more around the world. A place where you can see the most famous blondes in history, wigs of all kinds (all blondes of course) and there is even a blonde-only restaurant where all the waitresses will obviously be blondes.

I wonder if to access the museum you will have to to be blonde or if anyone can enter, although seeing these eccentricities, they also have wigs at the entrance so that anyone who wants to access the museum has to become a blonde for the occasion. The initiative is original of course, but I do not know the interest that it may have, although I do remember that a few months ago a resort opened in the Maldives, attended only by blondes, was a complete success.

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