Jules Verne Museum in Nantes

I have already told you on several occasions that I love museums, so whenever I go on a trip I take a look at the museums in that city, especially those that are different and original. This is how I discovered this one, although I have not visited it yet but I hope to do so the next time I visit France. It's in Nantes and it is the Jules Verne Museum, traveler par excellence who tells us how his fictional trips to the center of the Earth, to the Moon or to any ocean depth were.

Have 8 rooms in which more than a hundred pieces that bear some relation to the writer are exposed, such as various letters, manuscripts, books, personal items, porcelains, models that he made to write his novels and even the posters of the films that have been made based on his books. The rooms are classified thematically and in it we can find the drawing room, the beginning of dreams, the ocean, the two July, the known and unknown worlds, the travelers, the reading and games room and the audiovisual room. All of them very complete rooms that show completely different stories.

The museum is in the rue l’Hermitage 3, in the Sainte Anne neighborhood, in a beautiful mansion from 1900 that overlooks the Loire river and that perfectly shows where Verne got his inspiration despite the fact that he never lived there, and it is that the port area of ​​the city overwhelmed the imagination of this man who created spectacular stories. In 2005 they renovated several parts of the museum to modernize it a little, and now it has a fantastic multimedia system to make your visit much more dynamic. Admission is € 3 and visiting it presents a fantastic journey through incredible worlds.

Agnes Marcetteau, Jules Verne Museum, Nantes (September 2021)

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