European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona

Barcelona It is one of the most spectacular cities in our country, with a complete offer of leisure, architecture and culture for all those who visit it. Fascinating traditions and lots of concerts, festivals, museums or different shows so you always have something to do or see.

One of the most spectacular places, and in addition to recent creation, is the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (MEAM), inaugurated a couple of months ago but which is already very successful both among the inhabitants of Barcelona and among all those who visit the city. It's in the Born neighborhood, in the Palau Gomis building and which is in the Renaissance style. An area where there is a lot of culture and art since there is also the Picasso Museum.

In this new museum you can see the best exhibitions of contemporary figurative art since its objective is to promote this type of art, especially from the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition, it has the project of organizing the Figurative Painting and Sculpture Prize every year, with which any figurative artist is invited to participate with their works.

The main difference it has with other museums of this type is that the works exhibited here are not seen in any other similar museum, so you will be able to see unique works that will never be seen in other places. More than 200 works right now, almost all with the common denominator of realism and figuration. Among the artists that are represented in this museum are Eloy Morales Ramiro, Carlos Saura Riaza, Enrique Collar, Jorge Gallego, Teresa Guerrero or Juan Moreno Aguado, all of them great names in this genre of art.

The Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., closing on Mondays and all holidays. The entrance costs € 7 for the general public and € 5 for over 65s, holders of the Youth Card and those with the Student Card. Children under 12 are free.

Exhibition: Barcelona MEAM (Museum of European Modern Art) 2015 (June 2021)

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