Tuscany Guide

The Tuscany It is one of the most spectacular and beautiful regions of Italy, with a lot of cities and corners to discover and that can turn your trip into something magical thanks to the great variety of styles that each one of them has. Here I leave you one brief guide to Tuscany with the essential places that you must visit if you are going to be there:

Florence: A city with an impressive architectural culture and where you have several museums that contain paintings and sculptures that are a benchmark in the world of world art. The cathedral is spectacular and has plenty of palaces and gardens, like those of the Medici.

Siena: It is one of the Italian cities that I like the most thanks to its medieval style. It is located on a hill and has a beautiful fan-shaped square (piazza del Campo). The Bell Tower of Siena, the Torre del Mangia or the cathedral are very interesting, as well as several museums.

San Gimignano: A walled medieval place that is also known as the «city of beautiful towers» thanks to the surviving medieval towers of that time and which leave you with a spectacular landscape. It is also on a hill in Tuscany.

Lucca: One of the best preserved walled cities in the entire country. Within its walls you will find a lot of trails to walk or ride a bike, as well as lots of gardens to enjoy nature. It also has several very well preserved towers.

Pisa: Without a doubt its greatest attraction is the famous Tower of Pisa, but there is much more to see, such as its medieval center, the Duomo and a lot of parks, statues and houses of such illustrious characters as Lord Byron. Taking a walk on the river is one of the best activities you can do.

Cortona: It is also on a hill and surrounded by Etruscan walls that are over 3,000 years old. You will be able to discover in each corner a spectacular medieval architecture with stately buildings and wonderful views.

Montepulciano: It has one of the most impressive squares in Tuscany and from there is the famous wine called Vino Nobile. It is also walled and built on a narrow, sloping limestone ridge.

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