The 10 holiday destinations most wanted by the Spanish

At this point in the year it is very likely that you have already booked your next vacation. In June it is difficult to find bargains, so most of us decided to anticipate the purchase of accommodation and transport a few months in advance.

The Destinations The Spanish people are looking for the most are the ones I mention in this article. Surely you have already been to more than one of them, despite the fact that there are only three that are in Spain, specifically in the Balearic Islands.

1- New York (United States)

Who does not want to live for a few days the American dream? New York, the Big Apple, is a city to which many Spaniards aspire. Some are here to stay, while others settle for taking a selfie with the Empire State Building in the background, strolling through Central Park or getting carried away by the lights and atmosphere of Times Square.

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2- London (United Kingdom)

The UK has something that makes you always want to go back. It is not too far from Spain, so it is normal that it is the second most sought after destination by the Spanish almost every year. Accommodation is usually expensive in the best neighborhoods of the UK capital, but it is worth making an economic effort to contemplate the Big ben, the London Eye and other points of interest that do not leave you indifferent.

3- Bangkok (Thailand)

Going to Thailand has become fashionable in recent years. Why? Basically so cheap which is to stay and live there. Also, for around 500 euros you can fly to the country's capital, where you never tire of seeing Buddhist temples with a fresh bottle of water always ready.

4- Paris (France)

Paris is another city that you never tire of visiting. It is so big and so majestic that you never finish it. Having what is probably the most famous monument in the world helps, but the Eiffel Tower It is not the only attraction of the French capital. You also take dozens of photographs in the Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge or in the Sacred Heart.

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5- Ibiza (Spain)

In Spanish territory the most sought after is Ibiza, an island that is always associated with the party. However, in addition to attracting many young people who want to spend their vacations sleeping during the day and enjoying themselves at night, it is also an important attraction for all those families who seek refuge in the beauty and tranquility of its less crowded beaches.

6- Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Palma de Mallorca
Who wants more than just a party and a beach goes to Palma de Mallorca, which is a city that offers many points of interest to tourists. Strolling through its historic center is highly recommended, as is contemplating how wonderful the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma de Mallorca, better known as La Seu by the Majorcans.

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7- Menorca (Spain)

It's probably the most relaxing island from the Balearic Islands. It is not so crowded and that means you can go to the beach without having to get up early to put on the towel. In addition, its sandbanks are one of the most beautiful in Europe, something that makes thousands of Spaniards book accommodation in Menorca year after year.

8- Rome (Italy)

We also love the capital of Italy. The fault lies with its history, its monuments, its language ... and its gastronomy! The Colosseum is a marvel, the same can be said of the Trevi Fountain or the Roman Forum. Rome is charming.

9- Los Angeles (United States)

The Angels
The American Dream can also be lived in Los Angeles, where some have succeeded as actors and actresses (Hollywood) and others have done so with their technology companies (Silicon Valley). In addition, unlike New York, in Los Angeles you can bathe in a Beach, something that makes it a more conducive destination to go with children.

10- Havana (Cuba)

I finish with the capital of Cuba. Havana has something special that attracts the Spanish. Perhaps it is the friendliness of its people, the colorful cars, the paradisiacal beaches ... Whoever has been there recommends visiting it, so it is not surprising that it is one of the cities that most Spanish people type on Google before summer arrives .

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