Shopping in Lisbon

We are more and more Spaniards who decide to visit portugal, not only for the proximity but also for the great beauty that all its cities have, with spectacular monuments and a lot of natural life. In addition, shopping is also something that succeeds in this country since it has many things to offer at very good prices and in each city you can take different things.

In this case I will tell you about shopping in lisbonIt is very possible that they are to take a souvenir of the city or take a gift to someone. One of the most typical things comes from another city but you will also find it there, which is the port wine, a sweet wine of high graduation that you can find in any supermarket and in a wide variety of brands and prices. It is much better to buy it in a place than in a tourist area since it will be much more expensive being the same. Another of the best known wines from the Lisbon area is the green wine.

Another typical Lisbon product is the famous Belém cakesYou can only buy them in the Belém patisserie, although in many others in the city there are many imitations. Transport without a refrigerator lasts a couple of days, so you will have no problems taking them with you since they can also be put in a special box.

If what you want is a typical souvenir that is not to eat, the best seller is the Rooster of Barcelos, a colorful ceramic that is shaped like a rooster and that has a very peculiar history where a pilgrim who left Barcelos to go to Santiago de Compostela he was accused of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to hang. As a last wish, he asked to be brought before the judge who sentenced him, who was eating food with some friends and to whom the condemned man went saying “my innocence is so certain that I can assure you that this roasted rooster will stand up and crow if I am hanged without being guilty. " When the time came for his hanging, the rooster got up and crowed, with which the Judge gave the immediate order for his release.


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