Travel to New Caledonia

New Caledonia It offers an endless variety of landscapes, some of the best white sand beaches in the Pacific and spectacular mountain refuges for all those who decide to visit it. It is surrounded by about 1,600 kilometers long Coral reef, which forms the largest lagoon in the world.

New Caledonia is not of volcanic origin, like the neighboring areas, but it is a fragment of an ancient continent that disappeared about 250 million years ago. As such its flora and fauna have evolved in isolation, and are now unique. A wide variety of endemic species have emerged throughout the area. New Caledonia is the third largest island in the peaceful after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

It became a colony french in 1853 and French overseas territory in 1946. The indigenous population has tried to free itself from French rule on several occasions, including the Canaco rebellion of 1878. Conflicts continue to erupt today, reflecting that citizens are not According to the self-proclaimed rulers, the French nuclear tests being carried out in the region and other kinds of problems.

If you want to know their specialties culinaryYou can do it in the various restaurants that you will find. You will find African, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian and also Spanish food restaurants. The specialties that you should not stop trying are:

- Lobsters, shrimp, crabs
Oysters of the mangroves
- Raw fish salads marinated in lemon juice.
Bougna which is a fish or chicken wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on hot stones covered with sand


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