Photos that will awaken your desire to visit Havana

The beauty of Cuba it's undeniable. It is a country that does not leave the tourist who visits it indifferent for various reasons. One of them is your capital, Havana, that these days is more fashionable than ever thanks to the song that Camila Cabello has popularized.

To give you an idea of ​​what awaits you there, nothing better than seeing the photographs shown below. They are from Edin Chávez, a photographer who has managed to capture all the essence of the most important city in the country.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world

In his blog he tells us that he has been to Cuba several times and that has allowed him to get between 500 and 6,000 photographs from Havana, although he has decided to select the best ones so that we don't waste time seeing so many snapshots.

Edin considers it to be A paradise for photographers, and the truth is that it is not without reason. Its streets, despite being quite old, give off the same joy as its people, perhaps for that reason that colors are the main protagonists.

It shows on the facades of the buildings, but also on the bodies of the «almond«, The typical Cuban cars that are actually American cars from the 1950s. All of them survived Fidel Castro and are all a symbol of Havana.

The landscapes They are incredible, the same can be said of architecture and music. It is an inimitable place that surrounds the tourist from the first day so that they feel at home.


Must visits in Havana

What do I recommend you visit if you travel one day to the capital of Cuba? Basically the places I mention below:

The Havana Malecon: It is a huge six lane avenue (three for each direction) with a wall that stretches 8 kilometers along the north coast of the city.

The oldest streets: You will hallucinate with everything around you and take some spectacular photos. People will not fault you; quite the opposite.

Port: It is the most important port in Cuba and is visited by large boats full of tourists. It was created taking advantage of the natural bay of Havana and is usually one of the places where it is easy to see the "almendrones".

The Great Theater of Havana: It is the headquarters of the National Ballet of Cuba, a spectacular building both inside and outside. They opened it in 1838 and last restored it recently (between 2013 and 2015).

Castle of the Three Kings of Morro: It is known as the Morro castle and was built in 1585 by Juan Bautista Antonelli during the Spanish imperial period. The most beautiful thing is its illuminated tower, which was built after destroying the original in 1844.

Central Park of Havana: It is another place that you cannot miss. It is very central and full of good atmosphere. They built it after tearing down the walls that protected the city. Two years before its inauguration there was a statue of the Queen of Spain Elizabeth II, but the Americans were in charge of removing it in 1899.

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