A floating Christmas tree in Brazil

Everybody knows that Brazil It is a different country, hot, not only for the climate but also for the character of its inhabitants. When the Christmas It has a very original feature, probably more original and beautiful than the samba itself, which is to say. For about fifteen years it has been placed, in waters of Rio de Janeiro, a spectacular christmas tree 85 meters high that makes it the largest floating Christmas tree in the world. In addition, this year it has incorporated 3D technology, so it is a delight for those who admire it, although there are probably those who want the classic fir tree of all life and leave technological innovations for other things.

Rio se Janeiro turns one more year with Christmas and for this it does not skimp on decorations or, of course, lights. In the bay from the city is where you can find the famous tree, in which no less than 1,500 people have worked and thanks to the novelty of the 3D its staging is much more spectacular, since it has many oversized white stars that seems to come alive to get out of the tree. For those who think that all this is a waste, for four years the creators have taken into account climate change and used biodiesel for its operation, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the conservation of the environment.

It has taken almost three months to build it, and every year it has a different motto. This time it is the turn of A history of reunions. The tree was inaugurated by the city authorities and the act featured the singer's performance Milton Nascimento, former Minister of Culture, in addition to other national and international artists. The event could be followed live. If you are going to travel to Brazil, stop by to see this wonder that will continue to give birth until January 6.

Brazil lights up largest ever floating Christmas 'tree' (April 2021)

  • Rio de Janeiro
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