Thousands of rooms in China

Different hotel chains have made public these days their intention to expand by China in the near future. Most hotels think that it is necessary to considerably strengthen their presence in the country. East draft It will be done by signing a series of agreements that have begun to be known these days in a series of conferences that have taken place these days in Asia.

Hyatt announced the total construction of a total of 11 new hotels. However, four new hotels are already confirmed to open next year in Ningbo, Jinan, Guiyang and Qingdao. These areas are characterized by being business and leisure destinations. InterContinental unveiled its project that includes the opening of new hotels in strategic cities such as Xiamen and Taiwan.

Wyndham announced its plans to open, in a short period of time, a total of three properties in one place: the popular island of Hainan, which already houses some of the best tourist centers in the country. Three resorts in Boao will be built, including one with 350 rooms, to be called Wydham Boao Resort. Guests will have direct access to a completely private beach, although they can also enjoy the three outdoor swimming pools.

Apparently, this impressive resort will open its doors in 2017. All these future openings will confirm China as a leader in the global hotel market. STR, world analyst of the hotel world, has confirmed that with all these openings, China will have a total of 92.559 rooms in all its corners. Incredible but true.

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