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To know the history of Nagoya we must go back 400 years ago. The city was created in the wake of the Battle of Sekigahara. To celebrate the victory, Tokugawa Ieyasu began construction of Nagoya Castle in 1610, and gradually over the years, residents of the ancient city of Kiyosu moved to the area surrounding the new castle. Nagoya began to develop as a center cultural and commercial.

With 2.2 million populationNagoya is today the fourth largest city in Japan. It is considered one of the most important transportation hubs in the country, as it is located halfway between east and west along the main transportation lines that go from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. It also has the main port of Japan, as well as its own airport, half an hour from the center of the city.

For centuries, it became the center of manufacturing of porcelain pieces. Now, it is a city with great industrial importance. Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the world's largest automakers, was established in Nagoya, and it still works perfectly. There you can visit a Museum where you can see all the creations of the brand.

The city has a thriving cultural scene and lively life nocturnal. It has a lot of museums, including some very interesting art. In addition, it also has a lot to offer nature lovers, in particular the Fujimae-Higata area near the port. This is the stopping place for endless birds migratory.

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