The Portuguese city of Bragança

On the skirts of the Montesinho mountain range, on the northwest plateau of Portugal, the city of Braganza. This is a very particular Portuguese city, since in it you can find a large number of very attractive places to discover, some of which will be a must if you visit these lands. There are many incredible monuments or buildings that you can find in Bragança.

The best reference in the city and perhaps the first thing you find when you arrive is the Praça da Sé. In the center of this square stands a transept that was built more than three hundred years ago. In front of this, is the Cathedral Church. Its facade is simple but it has a Renaissance portal with a Baroque influence. Inside, an altarpiece with a golden notch and a triumphal arch.

Another important and interesting point of Braganza is old Rua Direita (today known as Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra). Going down this street you will be able to observe the various colorful and lanky buildings. Some buildings that are exemplary of the old medieval constructions where you can see beautiful ironwork on its various covers or doors.

You can't miss the Castelo de Bragança (the Castle-Fortress of Bragança). This place located in the same Historical Center of Bragança (in Rua do Santo Condestável), receives numerous visits a day. It is said to be one of all the castles that most and best represents medieval architecture. It is part of a walled complex that also consists of fifteen towers and three gates. And finally highlight the narrow streets that leave the Plaza de Armas (better known as Ciudadela), where you can discover what the typical medieval houses.

Bragança - Portugal (July 2020)

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