Places you must visit in New Forest

If you have never visited New Forest, you cannot miss this idyllic place that will allow you to relax to the maximum during your holidays. Then you have a series of visits you should not stop doing:

- In New Forest, foals, horses, donkeys, cows, and pigs can leisurely stroll through the roads and busiest places with total tranquility, so you can entertain yourself by watching them cross any area you are in.

- The observation of deer in heat is usually performed in the months of September and October. There are special observation platforms in Bolderwood, where fallow deer often come to graze.

Rufus Stone. Visit the place where an ancient king of England found death. Apparently, on a hunting day, one of the arrows "escaped" and killed the sovereign. As you can imagine, conspiracy theories have continued over the years.

Blackwater Arboretum. It is located on the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and is home to many native English tree species, as well as a large number of very little known varieties in the world. You can touch, smell the different trees that make up this enclosure.

Beaulieu Motor Museum. This museum houses a historical collection of the first Ford-branded vehicles, including the Bluebird, which was once the fastest car on the planet.

New Forest Museum. This is the perfect place to learn the history of the area.

Buckler’s Hard. Beautiful town dating from the 18th century, located just behind Beaulieu.

- Exbury Gardens. Enjoy 200 acres of natural beauty. There is a steam train that you can catch to explore the entire area. Take a look at the collection of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias.

What to Do on a Weekend in the New Forest (October 2021)

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