Shopping in Shenzhen

Purchases in Shenzhen have become quite a local phenomenon in Hong Kong. A multitude of shops await tourists to buy all kinds of objects and even food: fruits, imitation Gucci bags, etc. Why this boom? Very simple: Shenzhen is the paradise of bargains.

The first place you should stop is Luohu Commercial City. With more than 700 stores spread over 5 floors, this mini shopping city will become an experience you will never forget. Hundreds of vendors and scammers will fight to grab your attention. Almost everything you may want to buy is for sale here, although remember that most of the products they are fakes. You get what you pay for. What sells the most are clothing.

If what you want is to buy the latest in computing and electronics in general you must visit SEG computer market. You will visit 8 floors where you will find all the software and hardware distributors you can imagine. It is said to be the largest collection of electronics stores in Asia.

In the commercial heart of the city, you will find Dongmen. It is characterized by being a labyrinthine area of ​​small streets where you will find everything: clothes, furniture, craft stores ... They try to group the stores according to the type of products they sell. You will find the craft objects in Hongji Handicraft City (Lixin Road).

Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul! (October 2021)

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